Secret Of Stanley Ho, King of Macau’s Gambling : From Casino in North Korea

Larges’t Gambling in Asia

Who does not know Macau as the largest gambling center in Asia?. But maybe not many people know who Stanley Ho is, the central figure behind Macau’s current glory. Tuesday 26.05.2020, Stanley Ho died at the age of 98, but the funeral procession was only carried out on July 10, 2020, yesterday. Ho is the owner of the largest gambling empire in Asia and is one of the wealthiest people in Asia. One hundred politicians and celebrities attended his funeral from Macau and Hong Kong

Who is Stanley Ho?

Stanley Ho pioneered his success story through a journey that was not easy. Born in 1921, Ho’s father fled to Saigon bankrupt and did not leave a penny to the family. In addition, his two brothers committed suicide due to a difficult life. When Japan invaded Hong Kong, Ho, a great uncle named Sir Robert Hotung, an Asian tycoon living in Macau, invited Ho to come with him. Macau, a Portuguese colony, was a neutral territory due to the neutral Portuguese political stance in World War II. Nevertheless, it was in Macau that Ho, for the first time, built his business empire. He started his career by managing a state-owned company formed by the government of the Macau colony called the Macau Cooperative Company (CCM). His job was to be responsible for helping the Macau government exchange machinery for equipment to the Japanese for staples for the people of Macau.

The task at hand is not easy because he has to make many regular trips by ship and includes relations with Portuguese jurisdictions, the Japanese military, and Triad gangs. Not to mention the threat from pirates who are always ready to plunder the supplies brought by Ho’s ship. It is not easy to position yourself as friend and foe simultaneously; Japan, known as the colonizer, was undoubtedly a dead enemy with its colonies at that time.

Ho, a Hong Kong national, must be brilliant in his attitude so that he is not labeled a traitor or a defector. It was this experience that later made Ho a very forged person with various rugged circumstances. Until he died, he had bequeathed the property to his three wives, Lucina Lam, Ina Chan, and Angela Leong, along with their 16 children, which was equivalent to 187 million per month and came from a family trust fund.

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